Bug hotel, hexagonal large

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Bug hotel, hexagonal large

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Bug hotel, hexagonal large

Bug hotel, adapted to requirements of different insects, divided in eight segments (partly covered with rabbit wire).

  • tree branches, drilled and of various thicknesses for bees and ichneumon flies
  • hollowblock(s) filled with wood shavings, moss and other naturl fibres  for earwigs
  • reed for ichneumon flies
  • shelter for butterflies
  • chipped bark as hideaway for lacewings
  • fir cones for ladybugs and earwigs etc.

Large insect hotel, hexagonal and heavyweight

  • heavyweight construction, approx. 15 kilograms
  • untreated wood, nailed and screwed together
  • with suspension eye
  • weather-resistant roofing felt

Dimensions: approx. 70 x 72 x 18 cm



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